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This genealogy website features the life and descendants of Thomas Joseph Haslam, who was born about 1783 in the town of Clonaslee, in Queens County, IRELAND.

He immigrated to Prince Edward Island in May, 1818 and settled in the Springfield Area in January, 1828.

(Note: PEI did not join the Confederation of Canada until 1873)

History of the house in this picture

As early as 1829, Thomas J. Haslam operated an inn, providing food, lodging and stabling for travelers at Springfield, about midway between Charlottetown and Princetown, Prince Edward Island.

In 1834 Thomas built a second and larger house about one chain (66 feet) east of the original home. The new house was built by Thomas' son-in-law Thomas Essery, and contained twelve rooms and the picture is proof that is still standing today and is the oldest house in Springfield.

Thomas Haslam's inn not only served travelers but was the “local’ tavern, meeting place for local activities, post office and was the stagecoach stop for both passengers and mail coming out of Charlottetown. Of course it was also the residence for Thomas and his family.

After Thomas Haslam died in 1865, the Inn continued to be operated for a while by Thomas' son Samuel and his wife Harriett, however it ceased operations about 1870 when Samuel and Harriet moved away.

The source of most of this information is the biographical sketch of Thomas and Elizabeth in the book "Springfield 1852-1953", compiled by Springfield Woman’s Institute.

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